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Questions? Please contact us for help.

Phone: (434) 924-1321
Fax: (434) 924-0938

Mailing Address:
PO Box 400229
Charlottesville, VA 22904

CVC Team Contact Information

CVC Administrators
Lis Christian, 924-1321
Carolyn Dillard, 982-3030

Jess Wilk, 243-3475

Arlene Buynak, 243-4746

Darden School
Wendy Huber, 924-4806
Fred Telegdy, 924-6398

Diversity and Equity
Gail Prince-Davis, 243-4311

Office of the EVP/COO
Rachael Hobbs, 243-1564

Facilities Management
Dana Schroeder, 982-1778

Stacey Rittenhouse, 924-4294

Health System Community Relations
Elizabeth Beasley
Dawn Niles, 924-2946

Human Resources
April Torres, 818-642-4109
Richard Covington, 964-7489
Elizabeth Carey Feola, 924-4373

Senior Vice President for Operations
Dana Schroeder (FM), 982-1778
Kathy Peek (BU), 243-2498
Kim Frith, 924-3349

Medical Center
Mark Adams, 924-2582
Vickie Marsh, 924-2726

Office of the President
Leah Sumrall, 924-3790

Office of the Provost
Rick Willis, 924-3728
Kim Turner, 924-6491

School of Nursing
Kathryn Reid, 924-0115

School of Medicine
Liz Shifflett, 924-2063
Mary Hart, 924-8425
Bob Young, 924-5688
Carlene Muto
Jennifer Horton

Student Affairs
Dillon Kuhn, 924-8901
Jessica Strang, 924-0901

University Advancement
Kathryn Jarvis, 924-3308

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