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About CVC

What is the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign?

The CVC is an annual workplace giving opportunity for state employees to donate to nearly 1,000 nonprofits, many of which serve the local community.

Who should I contact if I have a question about the campaign?

  • > The volunteer coordinator in your department.
  • > The CVC Administrator at or (434) 924-1321.

What is the relationship between the CVC and the United Way?

The United Way is one of the nonprofit organizations included in the CVC. The United Way—Thomas Jefferson Area provides services to Central Virginia residents.

How to Pledge

Where can I get a blank pledge card?

You can download and print a PDF version of the pledge card online.

How do I fill out my pledge card?

Full instructions are available online.

Which methods can I use to contribute to the CVC?

You can donate by cash, check, payroll deduction, credit card or stock gifts. You can also give online.

  • > Salaried employees may choose to give through payroll deduction. Payroll deductions begin with the first paycheck in January 2020 and end with the last paycheck in December 2020. Salaried employees may also pledge with a one-time deduction in January.
  • > Wage employees may pledge with cash, check, credit card or stock.
  • > Medical Center employees should visit the Health System’s CVC page to give online.

How do I turn in my completed pledge card?

Your pledge card should be returned to your department volunteer coordinator. If you do not see your department listed, contact the CVC office at or (434) 924-1321.

You can also turn your pledge card in at these locations:

  • > University Hospital Cafeteria (near check-out)
  • > Wahoo West Cafe (near check-out)
  • > Battle Building (2nd floor entrance)
  • > Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center (first floor lobby)
  • > Claude Moore Library (opposite entrance, outside)
  • > McKim Hall Mail Room
  • > Carruthers Hall Cashier’s Office
  • > Newcomb Hall Post Office (first floor)
  • > UVA Research Park (4105 Lewis and Clark Drive)
  • > University Communications (2420 Old Ivy Road, first floor)

How can I maintain the confidentiality of my pledge?

Remember to seal your pledge card in the red envelope. Only CVC personnel will open your envelope. Online pledges are made through a secure site.

When is the deadline?

All pledges must be turned in by December 13, 2019 to ensure processing for the 2019 tax year. Please note that payroll deductions will be reported in the 2020 tax year.

About the nonprofits

What types of nonprofits participate in the CVC?

  • > Health and human services
  • > Medical research
  • > Animal welfare
  • > Safety and security
  • > Environmental and/or historical restoration, preservation or conservation

How do I give to my favorite nonprofits?

  • > Write the CVC code numbers on your pledge card. You can find the codes on the state CVC Web site. Printed copies of the directory are available from your volunteer coordinator or from the CVC Office at or (434) 924-1321. You can also download a printable card online.
  • > After you find your nonprofit’s CVC code, enter it at the bottom of your pledge card along with the amount you plan to give.
  • > You may donate to up to four nonprofits on one pledge card. To give to more nonprofits, request more pledge cards from your volunteer coordinator or download additional copies.

Where can I find information about the nonprofits?

You can view the nonprofit's applications on the CVC Web site. The applications describe the organization's programs, groups they serve and how they are funded.

Gift Designation

Why should I designate my gift?

When you designate your gift, no portion of it is used to cover CVC administrative or overhead costs. One hundred percent of your designated donation goes to the nonprofits or nonprofit federations you select.

What happens if I do not designate my gift?

If you do not designate to a specific nonprofit, a small portion of your donation helps cover state-level campaign administrative costs, and the remainder is distributed proportionally to nonprofits that receive designated funds.

Payroll Deduction

Who should I contact if I have a payroll question?

Email payroll questions to

When do the payroll deductions begin?

Payroll deductions begin with the first paycheck in January 2020 and end with the last paycheck in December 2020. One-time deductions are effective with the first paycheck in January.

Even small donations can make a big difference in your community.